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The New Love Deal - Books

The New Love Deal

Everything You Must Know Before Marrying, Moving In, or Moving On! by Gemma Allen, Michele Lowrance, Terry Savage The New Love Deal, Inc.; One edition (May 5, 2014) The New Love Deal… Because long-term relationships are changing! Whether you’re marrying, moving in or moving on, The New Love Deal, urges ...
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The Good Karme Divorce - Books

The Good Karma Divorce

©2010 Michele F. Lowrance; (P)2009 Random House. Avoid Litigation, Turn Negative Emotions into Positive Actions, and Get on with the Rest of Your Life The Good Karma Divorce is that rare guidebook that offers a concrete path to transforming painful experience into positive action. The average divorce takes two years, ...
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Preventing Damage to Children During Divorce - Books

Preventing Damage to Children During Divorce

HarperOne (February 7, 2012) Originally included in The Good Karma Divorce
a HarperOne select Book Preview: “I love my children. I would never do anything to hurt them,” say parents. Operating under the illusion that love conquers all, most parents overwhelmingly believe that whatever behavior they engage in during their ...
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Parental Alienation 911 - Books

Parental Alienation 911

Self Published, 2012 By Jill Egizii (Author), Judge Michele Lowrance (Contributor) Parental Alienation 911 is ideal for anyone who wants to understand the facts about this subject. In particular this product is geared toward arming parents who wonder if they are experiencing alienation with all the information they need to make the best of a ...
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