The Good Karma Divorce

The Good Karma Divorce

©2010 Michele F. Lowrance; (P)2009 Random House.

Avoid Litigation, Turn Negative Emotions into Positive Actions, and Get on with the Rest of Your Life

The Good Karma Divorce is that rare guidebook that offers a concrete path to transforming painful experience into positive action.

The average divorce takes two years, with a median cost of $30,000. Yet the true cost of divorce is more than time or money; it is the legacy of the decisions made during the process. No matter how long two people have been married, whether there are children or not, divorce often leads to bad choices that can forever alter a family’s life. But what if you could reverse the stereotype and move regret-free through this process? Divorce is unfortunate, but it does not need to become the defining moment for the rest of your life.

Michele Lowrance is a practicing domestic-relations judge who over the past four years has seen 100 percent of divorcing couples avoid trial by following the principles presented in this audiobook. Using her expertise as a family-court judge and former divorce attorney, Judge Lowrance has created a revolutionary guide for people facing the turmoil of divorce. The Good Karma Divorce offers concrete advice, real-life examples, no-nonsense tools, and helpful checklists.

By following our personal manifesto, harnessing our raw emotions, preventing collateral damage, and using transformative confrontation, we can avoid the black hole of litigation and create a good karma divorce, opening up a new world of hope and possibility.

Critical Praise

“In the Good Karma Divorce, Judge Lowrance suggests an inspired and uplifting alternative to the agonizing divorce process. In a practical and helpful style she sets out a radically new way to approach divorce.”

— Karen Mathis, past President, American Bar Association

“It took me nearly 10 years to recover from my divorce. I am certain that my healing would have been infinitely quicker and less painful if I had had the resources in this book. If you want your divorce to be as healing and transformational as possible, read this book.”

— Christiane Northrup M.D., author of The Wisdom of Menopause

“Out of her deep well of experience, Michele Lowrance offers a compassionate overview. She brings hope and clarity to an arena most often characterized by despair and resentment. Her advice is healing and revolutionary. She is clear headed and open hearted.”

— Julia Cameron, bestselling author of The Artist’s Way

“Michele has culled a treasure trove of loving practical wisdom from her years of experience… She shows us how we can tame and hopefully master the hate, blame, and despair of our personal cataclysm and lead us to a more fulfilling life on the other side.”

— John Ratey MD, Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry Harvard Medical School, co-author, Driven to Distraction and author, Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain.

“Judge Michele skillfully offers a new formula for healing the heart, mind, and body in the depths of adversity.”

— Deepak Chopra, author, The Ultimate Happiness Prescription: Seven Keys to Joy & Enlightenment.

“If you love your children, read The Good Karma Divorce.”

— Warren Farrell, Ph.D., Author, Women Can’t Hear What Men Don’t Say, and Father and Child Reunion

“The book…takes on the process of marriage dissolution as smoothly and deftly as Michele does in her courtroom.”

— Today’s Chicago Woman

“It is relevant not only to currently divorcing parties, but to anyone who has been touched by divorce.”

— Chicago Lawyer Magazine

“Over the past four years, 100 percent of divorcing couples who followed the principles Lowrance lays out in the book have avoided trial, and we can see why.”

— Elevated Existence

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